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Andorra, nestled in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains, between Spain and France is a perfect ski getaway for anyone who loves to ski or snowboard. It's the ideal holiday spot for someone who is interested in learning to ski or snow board. The ski resorts in Andorra are some of the most sought-after by UK skiiers with excellent prices available and the slopes in Andorra being less crowded than the pistes of France, Italy or Switzerland. It is easy to find a great ski holiday in Andorra at a time and budget to suit anyone.

Of course it's always best to book in advance to get the best deals. Andorra has other advantages. Being barely 20 miles across you have the option of trying out other resorts on day trips. Duty-free shopping trips to the capital Andorra la Vella are another popular diversion away from the slopes.

The official language of Andorra is Catalan, however Spanish, French and Portugese are also spoken to varying degrees.

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About Andorra

All of Andorra's ski resorts offer ski lessons for beginners or intermediate skiers and the relatively uncrowded slopes are ideal for everyone from novices to experts to enjoy themselves. There are a diverse selection of ski schools across Andorra, they cover absolute beginners to advanced skiers. Many of Andorras ski resorts cater to families. Special programs are available for children, or even full families, just learning to ski or snow board. Not everyone who visits the beautiful scenic country can ski upon arrival. Many visitors are interested in learning to ski or snow board.

Snow boarding has a large following in Andorra because of the number of gently flowing, well-groomed slopes. The slopes are busy enough to make even the least experienced skier feel comfortable; yet not so busy they are too intimidated to take the plunge.

Map of Andorra
One of the best value ski resorts in Europe.
Pas de le Casa
Purpose built resort on the border with France.
Situated on the main road through Andorra, convenient for the entire country.

Andorra offers much more than skiing and snow boarding. Skiing or snow boarding in Andorra is only one of the many ways its citizens and visitors relax. Because it is such a small country, Andorra has plenty of small villages to help you get away from the stresses of every-day life. Aside from some of the best ski areas, Andorra has an active night life. Many of the small villages that make up Andorra have lively pubs and clubs if you enjoy an active night life.

Andorra's local economy thrives on its ski tourism and banking sector. Only two per cent of Andorra's land is arable, so agricultural production is limited. Most food is imported from other areas. Most farmers in Andorra raise sheep in lieu of crops, though some grow tobacco.

Andorra offers a great combination of natural snow and each major resort has extensive snowmaking ability. It has a great altitude and strong southern sunshine. With a stress-free environment like this, it's no surprise that the average human life expectancy in Andorra is almost 84 years.

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